Project Management As Service (PMaaS)

PMaaS (Project Management as Service) is a classic example of following Blue Ocean Strategy and Lean Principles. CrossWinds Technologies Ideation team coined the term “PMaaS”. The primary concept of PMaaS is to cut the cost and reduce waste in the form of non-billable high band resource like Project Managers / Program Managers / Delivery Managers throughout Service / Delivery and Product Organizations.

The basic job responsibilities of Project Managers / Program Managers / Delivery Managers are towards Account management / Program Delivery / Project Planning, Execution, Monitor and Facilitate.

PMaaS offers a novel concept of positioning SAFe defined “RTEs” (Release Train Engineers’) to orchestrate all the said defined roles and responsibilities of Project Managers / Program Managers / and Delivery Managers. One RTE can Facilitate, Plan, Execute, Monitor programs at portfolio level as defined by SAFe.

Utilizing RTEs at Program Level and going Lean on Project and Program Managers will bring in a Transformation that changes the conventional structure of non-billable high band resources thus cutting down the costs, implementing Lean Leadership and effective Work Flow Value Stream.

Role of SAFe RTE is Scalable, Thoughtful, Transparent and Single Stop Facilitator will change the dynamics of Organizations by better ROI at regular intervals. To implement this, either the Organizations need to hire SAFe RTEs or outsource to SAFe Program Consultants to run their PMOs, Programs and Deliveries. Thus creating a new market segment with in and which reflects back to Blue Ocean Strategy.