About Us

CrossWinds Technologies Inc. is based on the basic principles of Blue Ocean Strategy, targeting Advanced Information Technology, Management and Executive Learnings. We explore the untapped market space and create demand for new market spaces which are uncontested. We work on evolving strategic move that create major markets by providing niche business offerings.

We build all our products and services around the DNA of Blue Ocean Strategy, Lean Software Engineering and Enterprise Agile Framework. Our products and services carry most innovative and high Strategic business values, which enable the existing and prospective clients with latest advanced IT methodologies.

As a team we nourish and believe in “Think Big”, “Out the box”, “High Risk” and “Client centric” thought process and encourage build “Self Organized”, “Self Motivated”, and “Compassion driven” teams.

Our vision, mission, core values, roadmaps and objects are driven by our Executive team which consist group of handpicked professionals from various IVY B Schools across US and India, who have pioneered the state of art excellence in setting up various functions across Information Technologies Segment for over 20 years.

Consulting and Learnings are handled by our Technical team. This team constitutes Enterprise and Program level Coaches. These resources can step in for all the consultation, transfromation and implementation areas.


Our mission is to Inspire and Lead the Change Agility for Effective Organizational Transformation based on Blue Ocean Strategy


Our Vision is to create and provide Enterprise Business Value through consistent Ideation, that will provide a unique IT market Services leading to Blue Ocean Strategy


Brand Innovation
Lean Agile Leadership
Deliver Priority Business Value