Leading SAFe Program (SA)

Schedule: 13th / 14th June, 2015 from (9am – 5pm)
Venue: ISB (Indian School of Business) – HYDERABAD, INDIA
Phone: +91 99593 55538
PDUs/ SEU: 14 continuing education/outreach hours

1. Agile Fundamentals

  1. 1.1. Process Categories

  2. Understand different types of projects, how to identify them and what sort of response / management strategy should be used in each of those projects using Stacey Matrix.
    Learn differences between
    o Defined and empirical process
    o Iterative and incremental process and where these can be applied.
    1.2. Agile history, manifesto & principles
    o Learn who, when and why agile manifesto was drafted?
    o Understand what agile is and what is not.
    1.3. Learn different Agile models
    o Introduction to SCRUM framework
    o Understand what is a story
    o Understand what is backlog (product and sprint)
    o Understand what is Scrum Meeting / Daily Standup.
    o Understand the importance of Retrospectives
    1.4. Exercise / Game on Scrum/Agile
    o Immerse into Agile Mindset
    o Experience Agility
    1.5. Understand how testing would be different in an Agile model
    o What is Agile Testing
    o Challenges
    o Discussion on how to solve the issues presented by Agile models using scrum framework practically ________________________________________
    2. Testing Fundamentals
    2.1. Testing fundamentals Understand & appreciate the need of testing, definition of quality and learn what Risk Based Testing (RBT) is.
    2.2. Testing process Learn where testing fits in SDLC and recognize testing life cycle. Learn to recognize different testing activities and phases within SDLC.
    2.3. Test types and levels
    Explore different software quality attributes and learn different test types and levels required for effective testing. Identify differences between test plan and test strategies and learn how to write those for a typical agile project. ________________________________________
    3. Practical Test Design Techniques
    3.1. Understand Shift Left Concept and its application in Agile projects
    o Understand Agile requirement in user stories format
    o Exercise on User Story Reviews
    3.2. Practical Dynamic Test Design Technique
    o Learn how to practically apply Equivalence partition and Boundary Value technique for multiple variables
    o Exercise on practical usage of EP and BV technique ________________________________________
    4. Basic Agile Testing
    4.1. Test planning and Test Reporting
    Start using the Agile project planning and reporting tools such as Task Boards, Burn-down charts of Running Tested Features, Automation Coverage and Defect Density to capture test progress. 4.2. Test execution
    Learn what exploratory testing is. Learn and experience what it takes to convert your test plans and strategies to actual execution. Learn creative strategy of overcoming test execution challenges. 4.3. Test First o Identify the need of test automation and its relevance in an agile project. Learn various strategies of test automation in agile. o Introduction to test-driven development (TDD), acceptance test driven development (ATDD) and behavior driven development (BDD). Understand differences between them and learn to identify each technique in play.

Shuchi Singla
SAFe Program Consultant (SPC)
Shuchi Singla is a strategist, consultant, instructor, leader, and mentor who has been applying Lean and Agile practices in and beyond the software industry throughout her career. She then started to support other organizations and their leaders around the globe doing Agile transformations and making organizations more productive, engaging, and fun. Kiran’s experience and expertise spans across four governing boards, PMI (PMP and PMP ACP), Scrum Alliance (CSM and CSP), EXIM (ITIL) and SAFe Program Consultant (SPC).

Duration: 2 working days

Day 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Lean Thinking
  3. Scaling Agile
  4. Agile Release Train

Day 2

  1. Agile Release Train
  2. Portfolio
  3. Prepare the Organization to launch
  4. Scaling Leadership